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Reuters: European Cannabis Market to Hit $450 Million by 2022

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Legalization news coverage has rightfully been dominated by Canada lately as the world’s first G7 nation to allow regulated cannabis commerce has made history and boosted reform efforts in the United States and throughout the world. While the Great White North will certainly impact the federal cannabis legalization debate in the U.S., it shouldn’t be

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With Legalization in Canada, Cannabis Industry Looks Globally

International Business

Astute industry observers, like International Cannabis Business Conference founder Alex Rogers, have understood the potential for a global marijuana market and now the rest of the world is starting to catch up. Fresh off the heels of Canada becoming the first G7 nation to regulate adult-use cannabis commerce, the worldwide capabilities of the burgeoning industry

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Shopify: Cannabis Won’t Break the Internet Like Kylie Jenner

Shopify cannabis

Most industry observers are predicting robust sales when Canada officially legalizes cannabis commerce across the nation on October 17th, with many expecting supply shortages across the Great White North. However, Shopify, the company hired by the Ottawa government to handle online sales doesn’t expect to be overwhelmed despite the fact that Ottawa won’t have any brick-and-mortar stores

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Cannabis Commerce in Massachusetts Inches Closer to Reality

Boston Massachusetts

On July 1st, when Vermont officially legalized personal cannabis possession and cultivation, but not any marijuana sales, Massachusetts’ legalization law called for the state to permit cannabis commerce. Unfortunately for consumers, there aren’t any retail stores up and operating, but good news is on the horizon as Bay State regulators did issue the very first

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