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Canada’s Arthritis Society: Sell Medical Cannabis In Pharmacies

canada arthritis society

Cannabis is medicine. That may seem like a simple statement, yet despite an ever-growing mountain of evidence to support the claim, cannabis is often not treated as actual medicine. Many states in the U.S. and countries around the world continue to view cannabis as possessing no medical value. Most professional sports leagues do not recognize

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What Is Canadian Cannabis Legalization 2.0?

canadian flag

Roughly a year ago Canada became the first G-7 nation to legalize cannabis for adult-use. Canada rolled out a regulated adult-use cannabis industry in a limited fashion last October. Canada’s model was built around cannabis flower sales, which will be changing soon. In just a handful of weeks cannabis edibles, vape products, beverages, and other

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Cannabis Industry Adds $8.26B To Canada’s GDP According To Statistics Canada

canada cannabis flag

Canada was the second country to legalize cannabis for adult use and the first to implement a regulated, open-to-all, adult-use cannabis industry. Uruguay was the first to legalize cannabis for adult use, however, Uruguay’s industry is very limited. The rollout of a regulated adult-use cannabis industry in Canada has experienced its ups and downs, which

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Total Jobs In Canada’s Cannabis Industry Has Nearly Quadrupled In The Past Year

cannabis dispensary employee budtender

One very large benefit to reforming cannabis laws and implementing a regulated cannabis industry is the creation of jobs. Unlike many other industries, the cannabis industry can operate in virtually any area, including in rural areas. Industries come and go as the decades go by. Market shifts, changes in consumer preferences occur, and/or a number

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Colombia Is Looking to Join Canada As a Global Cannabis Industry Leader

Canada has led the global cannabis industry ever since it first legalized medical cannabis. For awhile, the Netherlands was the only other nation that allowed medical cannabis exports, but Canadian companies maintained the biggest share of the market. After ending prohibition for all adults last year, Canada’s dominant position was only strengthened. Israel announced earlier

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Canadian Cannabis Infused Edibles and Products to Be a $2.7 Billion Market

Canadian flag with Capitol

Like a lot of places that have legalized regulated cannabis commerce, Canada has experienced some growing pains. The transition from a medical market into an adult-use one has difficult for small businesses and farmers while bureaucratic regulatory hurdles have stifled the supply chain, limiting the number of retail outlets that have been able to open.

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