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Most Populous U.S. County Set to Legalize Cannabis Commerce


Licencing of cannabis businesses has been rather slow out of California since the state started accepting applications last December. The deliberate pace caused for early economic projections to be downgraded by some analysts, a rare occurrence thus far as most states have exceeded initial estimates. The California market is about to get a shot of adrenaline as

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Los Angeles Dispensaries Begin Adult-Use Cannabis Sales

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On Saturday, January 20th, Los Angeles joined the growing number of California cities which have begun official implementation of the Proposition 64 and are now selling cannabis for recreational use to adults aged 21+. Despite significant consumer demand for cannabis in the nation’s second-largest city, the municipality has not quickly embraced regulatory oversight and has

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Cannabis Commerce in California Means Regulatory Compliance


The early lines at newly-licensed California cannabis retail outlets are just a preview of the vast economic opportunities available in the Golden State. However, in California, which led our recent cannabis revolution by voting to legalize medical use back in 1996, not everything will be rainbows and sunshine as regulatory hurdles remain. Attorney General Jeff

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Congratulations, California!


Yesterday ushered in a new era for cannabis with the world’s sixth-largest economy (California) coming online with legal, adult-use cannabis. January 1st marked the first day stores were allowed to sell the product to anyone over the age of 21 without a doctor’s explicit recommendation. I would say that people seem pleased, but the word

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