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California Cannabis Deliveries Will Be a Legal & Political Fight


As I blogged yesterday, California regulators made the wise decision in its final rules to allow cannabis retailers to make deliveries into cities and counties that have banned regulated businesses. Allowing deliveries across the state is the compassionate and practical choice to make. It is compassionate because patients with mobility issues shouldn’t be forced to…

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Exclusive Interview: California Cannabis Czar Talks Regulation

Ending cannabis prohibition is a no-brainer whose time has come. It is obvious that cannabis prohibition is a costly failure that causes too much harm with racist and classist consequences. Regulating cannabis, however, is a much tougher job than just removing criminal penalties, as there isn’t a clear path to the best policies for any…

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Year One of Legal Cannabis Commerce in California Has Brought Challenges…and Opportunities

cannabis jars pipes

Opening up a licensed and regulated cannabis business is not a get-rich-quick venture, as many have likely found out. Getting into the cannabis industry is best left to those that truly love the cannabis plant and want to help improve the plight of the cannabis community. There are so many unique bureaucratic challenges facing the…

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Final California Cannabis Rules Expected to Go Public January

Rules and Regulations

While the three agencies regulating various aspects of the California cannabis industry, the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), the Department of Food and Agriculture, and the Department of Public Health will be submitting their draft today (December 3rd), the public is not expected to get a look at them until January. Draft rules were released last…

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Leafly: Signs That California Cannabis Legalization Is Surging


It’s no secret that the rollout of California’s cannabis legalization laws has been slow-going. Moving at a cautious speed that has seen the first annual licenses just starting to be issued, the Bureau of Cannabis Control has favored a steady approach. In the BCC’s defense, no regulatory body has yet to deal with as big…

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San Francisco Chronicle: Vote No on Local Cannabis Tax

Cannabis money

Voting to legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis at the statewide ballot box is just a part of the political battle for the California cannabis community, and any state that has or will end prohibition within its borders. With strong support among voters across demographics, passing a legalization measure is much easier than implementing the most…

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