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Rule Change Allows Cannabis Packaging To Be Recycled At B.C. Stores

cannabis packaging

The emerging legal cannabis industry is facing a huge sustainability dilemma involving cannabis packaging. Packaging requirements in legal cannabis markets such as Canada are significant, and according to many sustainability advocates, the requirements are too extreme. Anyone who has purchased legal cannabis knows that the amount of packaging required adds up very quickly. Plastic bags,

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Canadian Investors Still Bullish on Legal Cannabis

Canada Flag Cannabis

While at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, last month, it was easy to feel the excitement that the cannabis community has over legal cannabis coming to Canada. Proud of helping propel Canada to the forefront of the global battle to end cannabis prohibition and feeling optimistic about the economic opportunities that

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Report Estimates Canadians Spent Over $5 Billion on Cannabis in 2017

Canadian Flag

Estimating cannabis use and expenditures is rather tricky, especially during prohibition. Most people, even with the promise of anonymity, are probably unlikely to be completely honest about their illegal marijuana usage. Statistics Canada tries to make adjustments in their methodology, coming to the estimate that Canadians spent about $5.6 billion on cannabis in 2017, right

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British Columbia, Canada, to Start Unveiling Cannabis Legislation

British Columbia Parliament

The global cannabis community rejoiced when Canada’s Liberal Party, led by Justin Trudeau, won a landslide victory in 2015 with cannabis legalization included in the party’s platform. Prime Minister Trudeau never backed away from the pledge to introduce a national legalization strategy across the Great White North, but we must always remain vigilant to ensure

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Alberta Puts British Columbia on Notice in the Canadian Cannabis Marketplace

Canadian cannabis flag

With support from their national parliament and the blessings of Prime Minister Trudeau, Canada is quickly emerging to be a global leader in the cannabis trade. That’s not to say Canada doesn’t have its issues. The political nature of the country allows its provinces a lot of leeway in crafting legislation, and for cannabis, that

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Vancouver Sun Profiles the International Cannabis Business Conference

After selling out events in Oregon and California, two of the states leading the United States towards ending cannabis prohibition, the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) is proud to be heading to Vancouver, British Columbia, one of the leading cannabis capitals of the world. Canada provided a jolt to the global fight to legalize cannabis

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