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Will Annual CBD Sales Outpace Legal Cannabis?

While business isn’t exactly easy, both cannabis and CBD sales are booming at the macro level and revenue numbers should continue increasing in both the short and long-term as more markets open up and potential consumers get better informed. As has been covered, the combined global cannabis market could generate $15 billion in revenue this

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U.S. Cannabis Sales Projected to Hit $30 Billion by 2024!


With more and more states ending cannabis prohibition, it isn’t surprising to know that legal sales are increasing rather rapidly in the United States. Most states have seen revenue numbers higher than initial estimates, as legalization has created thousands of jobs and added millions to states’ coffers. California’s cautious rollout of licenses, combined with relatively

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Global Cannabis Sales Could Reach $15 Billion in 2019, $40 Billion by 2024

cannabis plant

Based on current sales, as well as reasonable projections regarding new markets, an industry report projects that global cannabis sales could hit about $15 billion this year, with a continued growth rate that might push the market to a whopping $40 billion in just five years. Cautious regulatory approaches in Canada and California provided hurdles

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Congratulations and Thank You for Legalizing Cannabis, Canada!

Canadian cannabis flag

October 17, 2018, the long-awaited day that cannabis goes legal across Canada has arrived and the world will never be the same. With all due respect to the great progress made by Uruguay, who helped pave the way for Canada, it can be argued that the Great White North, by permitting regulated sales to tourists

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Cannabis Products Increasing Market Share in Oregon, Elsewhere

Natural Roots Cartridges

There are many potential reasons for cannabis consumers to utilize concentrates, extracts, or infused products instead of the plant’s “flower” or “bud”, from avoiding the potential carcinogens in smoke to just wanting to avoid the smell the usual forms of combustion can admit. Additionally, there could be medical reasons that patients need a higher THC

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Canadian Cannabis Companies Need Chefs, Brewers, and More

Canada Flag Cannabis

It’s already been reported that Canadian cannabis companies preparing for legalization later this year are recruiting skilled extractors and increasing the pay of cultivators. With reports that companies are making edibles, beer, and other infused products to hone their craft in preparation of regulated cannabis commerce, there are opportunities for food and beverage industry workers

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