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Aurora, Rumored Coca-Cola Partner, Goes Public on the NYSE

Wall Street

Aurora, one of the biggest producers in Canada, joined Tilray, Cronos Group, and Canopy Growth as the latest cannabis company from the Great White North listed on stock exchanges in the United States. While both Aurora and Coca-Cola have been mum lately about a potential partnership to produce CBD beverages, it isn’t surprising to industry insiders

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With Legalization in Canada, Cannabis Industry Looks Globally

International Business

Astute industry observers, like International Cannabis Business Conference founder Alex Rogers, have understood the potential for a global marijuana market and now the rest of the world is starting to catch up. Fresh off the heels of Canada becoming the first G7 nation to regulate adult-use cannabis commerce, the worldwide capabilities of the burgeoning industry

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Bloomberg: Cannabis Stocks Gain After Canada Legalizes

increase value

Cannabis stocks have been increasing in value rather rapidly over recent months, with stocks listed on Canadian and U.S. financial markets receiving boosts from the mainstreaming of marijuana. As big-time investors and major companies invested, or were reported to be eyeing potential entries into the market, investors of all stripes have taken notice. As Bloomberg reported,

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Ontario, Canada, Signs Deals With 26 Cannabis Producers

Canada Flag Cannabis

Canada’s legalization law allows provinces to establish how they want cannabis commerce to proceed within their boundaries. Government-run stores are okay, as are licensed private establishments. Online sales and delivery are also an option, a choice that Ontario has selected, just announcing agreements with cannabis producers to supply its retail system, as Reuters has reported:

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CBD Offers Opportunities and Risks for the Cannabis Community


Reefer Madness prohibitionists have made numerous ridiculous statements over the years, including the contention that cannabis isn’t medicine, but that cannabis compounds are. While ranting about today’s marijuana, with THC levels over 20%, being so much stronger than that smoked during the Woodstock era, anti-legalization zealots have pushed the synthetic THC drug Marinol on patients, which

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Aurora Buying MedReleaf in Biggest Cannabis Industry Deal Ever

Cannabis Plants

With Canada set to establish a multi-billion dollar cannabis industry that will rival, or maybe even surpass, the spirits and wine industries, companies are looking to consolidate to increase their market share and maximize profits. Expensive regulatory hurdles, limits on licenses, and the need to compete with the prices seen on the unregulated market can

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Investors Are Wisely Looking Towards Europe

Berlin at night

Forward-thinking American business investors have had their eyes on the cannabis market for a few years now, looking critically at emerging laws and technologies in traditional places like Colorado, California, Oregon and British Columbia, among others. As the snowball of change has grown around the world, these initial entrepreneurs have started looking to meet the

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