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Switzerland Begins To Define Its “Recreational Trial” For 2022


As of May 15, 2022, Switzerland will begin a recreational cannabis trial

It is official. The Swiss have chosen a date and the trial parameters. Switzerland is going recreational as of next year.

Here are the parameters. 5,000 Swiss people will be able to legally smoke cannabis. They will be part of a trial in which will measure effects on users’ health and consumption habits. Participants, as a result, will have to accept a follow-up interview and to limit their consumption.

Those who might worry that the consumption level is a bit low? Do not. Trial participants will be able to buy cannabis at up to 20% THC. Each month, participants will be able to consume up to 10 grams of THC. To put this in perspective, patients in Germany right now are being prescribed half a liquid gram a month (to the whopping tune of about $400).

This amount, in other words, is enough to get the average user more than toasty on a regular basis. It is also enough to make sure that patients who fall through the cracks will be able to have at least some access to legal cannabis. The fact that the trial will mandate sales at pharmacies makes this even more convenient.

Why This Is Important

Luxembourg and Switzerland will, as of next year, begin to set the pace on recreational reform discussions, and not just in their own countries of course, but across Europe. From the get-go, both extracts and edibles will be in the discussion.

Beyond this, the trial is likely to have an important impact on the question of dosing and how much patients should be getting across Europe.

From the recreational side, look for important discussions about driving and working. Not to mention how long THC stays “active” in bodies long after the immediate “high” is over (when it happens).

There is another reason, however, why this trial is important. It will be the first organized attempt by the government to put cannabis on sale and study those who buy it. It is also a deliberate attempt to create a legitimate market.

It will be watched, intently, for this reason, across the region.

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