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Smoking And Vaping Cannabis On Public Patios Now Permitted In British Columbia

Vancouver British Columbia

Cannabis stigma is still an issue in Canada, even five years after the country passed a national adult-use cannabis legalization measure in 2018. Cannabis consumers do not experience some of the same freedoms as consumers of alcohol or tobacco do in many jurisdictions.

An example of that can be found in policies about public cannabis use. Tobacco consumption may not be as widespread as it once was in Canada, however, many tobacco consumers are not as limited in where they can partake compared to cannabis consumption.

Thankfully, that is changing in British Columbia where new rules now permit adults to smoke and vape cannabis on public patios.

Smoking and vaping cannabis on public patios is now permitted where smoking and vaping tobacco are already allowed, subject to local or Indigenous government bylaws and other rules.” British Columbia’s government stated in a recently published bulletin.

That may not seem like a big change to non-cannabis consumers, yet, it’s presumably a significant policy shift in the minds of many cannabis consumers in British Columbia who have had to either hide their cannabis use in many places or consume knowing that they are risking being penalized. The bulletin also contained policy changes for businesses.

“To support the legal cannabis industry in the province, the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) is making gradual changes to improve hospitality and tourism opportunities for the cannabis industry.” the bulletin stated.

“With changes to the Cannabis Control Regulation, licensees are able to promote a place to consume cannabis or to spend time after consuming cannabis.” the bulletin also stated.

Cannabis consumption remains prohibited within cannabis stores in British Columbia, and licensees must ensure that any cannabis consumption near their store is not within their establishment where cannabis products are sold.

Social cannabis use is the next horizon for many cannabis advocates in North America, where cannabis clubs and lounges are still prohibited in many jurisdictions that permit other cannabis activity.

Europe’s cannabis policies will seemingly embrace cannabis clubs, with clubs serving as a major component of legalization models in Germany and Malta. Malta has already issued licenses to noncommercial cannabis clubs.

British Columbia, Canada