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  • Company Urges Trump to Make U.S. Cannabis Great Again

    Canadian cannabis companies have long had a huge advantage over their counterparts in the United States, with access to capital and favorable federally policies (access to banking services, reasonable tax policies, etc.). That upper hand will only grow bigger now that Canada has legalized cannabis commerce among all adults. One U.S. cannabis company just put...

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  • California Counties Known for Vineyards are Turning to Cannabis

    After reports that regulated cannabis farms were emerging out of locales in Oregon and Canada known for wineries, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that areas known for vineyards in California are seeing cannabis cultivators take root. With the California marijuana market estimated to be a $4 billion dollar business sector, we can expect more...

  • With Legalization in Canada, Cannabis Industry Looks Globally

    Astute industry observers, like International Cannabis Business Conference founder Alex Rogers, have understood the potential for a global marijuana market and now the rest of the world is starting to catch up. Fresh off the heels of Canada becoming the first G7 nation to regulate adult-use cannabis commerce, the worldwide capabilities of the burgeoning industry...

  • Bloomberg: Cannabis Stocks Gain After Canada Legalizes

    Cannabis stocks have been increasing in value rather rapidly over recent months, with stocks listed on Canadian and U.S. financial markets receiving boosts from the mainstreaming of marijuana. As big-time investors and major companies invested, or were reported to be eyeing potential entries into the market, investors of all stripes have taken notice. As Bloomberg reported,...

  • Toronto Stock Exchange Celebrates Cannabis Stocks

    Whenever a company or industry reaches some type of milestone of sorts, ringing the opening bell can be a rite of passage and a demonstration of legitimacy. “You’ve made it now,” or “Good on you,” are the messages ringing the ceremonial bell signifies. Today, on the historic that Canada ended cannabis prohibition, the Toronto Stock...

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