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San Francisco Cannabis Tours Tailored to You


When folks are visiting a locale with legal cannabis, they may need assistance in learning about local dispensaries and various strains and products. Locals may even want to take advantage of experienced connoisseurs to gain a new perspective or to show family and friends around when they come into town. More and more entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this growing business niche, and according to the San Francisco Chronicle, a couple of tours in the Bay Area are tailored to fit either a wild night on the town, or a more wonky experience:

For a heady, super-chill experience, I’d recommend Emerald Farm Tours’ San Francisco Cannabis Culture & City Tour ($149); for a raucous time that might have you popping your booty to Wreckx-N-Effect’s “Rump Shaker,” I’d suggest California Cannabis Tours’ Wine and Weed Tour ($129). Reactions may vary.


The Wine and Weed Tour created a space where strangers became friends, got silly and even a little wild if the mood struck. As we said goodbye, the birthday boy and girl hugged and wished each other well. Friends with weed making friends indeed.

By comparison, Emerald Farm Tours was a more restrained walk-through of the Bay Area’s cannabis scene. Meeting near the Embarcadero, seven of us piled into a smaller limo bus (sans stripper poles) where we started our surprisingly informative dive into the history and culture of marijuana, supplied by founder and CEO Victor Pinho and operations director Fatty Jay. (“Is that your given name?” I asked Jay. “It’s the name I gave myself,” he deadpanned.)


Pinho’s high-energy patter and Fatty Jay’s laid-back command of marijuana history and lore shed light on the sticky connections among drugs, culture, race, the AIDS crisis and politics.

As more and more states (and nations) legalize cannabis, we’ll see more cannabis businesses cater to the needs of tourists, from cannabis-friendly Airbnbs to resorts to tours. Entrepreneurs in the industry, or those thinking of joining, will be looking to fill the niche and local governments should embrace the tourism dollars the same way they do with wine and beer industries.

When you visit San Francisco to attend the International Cannabis Business Conference on February 7-8, 2019, save some time to experience the local cannabis scene and keep the networking going. Be sure to purchase your early-bird tickets for the ICBC San Francisco by January 18th to save. 

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