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PRØHBTD Building Cannabis Brands at the ICBC after $8M Raise

PRØHBTD, a media startup that has helped bring cannabis brands, and the culture overall, into the mainstream has just announced a successful $8 million fundraise to continue helping cannabis businesses while also producing its own original content. While PRØHBTD’s focus is the cannabis culture, the media company has expanded beyond just cannabis, creating unique cultural and lifestyle content that appeals to a wide swath of people, reaching millions of people every month. CEO Drake Sutton-Shearer will be sharing his expertise and helping qualified cannabis companies with an exclusive “Cannabis Brand Building 101” seminar for 50 attendees at the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver this June 24th-25th. (Cick here to learn more and sign up.)

Yahoo Finance on PRØHBTD:

Sutton-Shearer said one of his priorities is forging “mainstream partnerships” like PRØHBTD’s deal with Advertising Week. The company also works with more than 60 cannabis brands — not just on branded videos and sponsorships, but more broadly on product development, design and marketing.


“We’ve seen every media opportunity in the cannabis industry but none of them compare to what the team at PRØHBTD has built,” said Serruya Private Equity’s Aaron Serruya in the funding announcement. “We expect great things from the company and we’re excited to support the team’s global vision.”

Speaking of that vision, Sutton-Shearer said PRØHBTD is exploring international opportunities, including in Canada, Australia and Latin America — In fact, the company says it has plans for a Canadian public offering.

And from MG Retailer:

Structurally, PRØHBTD is composed of three parts that interact organically with one another in the course of a day or a minute. As explained by Sutton-Shearer, “PRØHBTD Media creates branded content to help brands tell their stories about their products and services. PRØHBTD Studios tells native stories that are not paid for brands. And then we have PRØ, which is our direct-to-consumer platform where we can put all our content.”

PRØHBTD Media is a vehicle to shine light on brands using storytelling, he added, clarifying, “Brands are our customers—our partners who enable us to produce great content the audience can enjoy, learn from, and share with their friends. Consumers are our audience in terms of the content we make.

“The majority of these brands want more awareness and a positive sentiment about their brand and their product and service, and most of all they want to drive sales,” he continued. “The one thing we do best as a leader in the content creation space is help people drive more awareness and sales.”

PRØHBTD has managed to create something unique, a quality online destination for the cannabis community,  and like-minded folks, that covers art, music, travel, video, fashion, food, and culture that strikes against prohibition and other nonsensical cultural restraints. While creating its own premier website, the media company’s success helps build the brands that they work with, and vice versa. As the cannabis industry is swarming with tough competition and overly burdensome advertising restrictions, especially in the upcoming Canadian market, innovative branding will be even more important, making PRØHBTD and the knowledge that the company brings even more important.

Learn from, and network with, PRØHBTD’s CEO Drake Sutton-Shearer and many more influential industry experts at the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada this June 24th-25th. This is the perfect time to learn about the cannabis industry and connect with top investors, entrepreneurs, and advocates from around the world, so get your tickets before the Vancouver ICBC sells out. After Vancouver, the ICBC will be traveling back to the United States, to beautiful Portland, Oregon, on September 27th-28th.   

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