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PotGuide: The Future of the California Cannabis Industry

California map

California has led the cannabis reform movement in many ways in the United States, starting with being the first state to legalize medical all the way back in 1996. While a handful of states beat the Golden State to the punch in legalizing for all adults in both 2012 and 2014, the world’s sixth largest economy paved the way for ending prohibition by placing the Prop 19 legalization measure on the ballot in 2010. With California passing Amendment 64 in 2016 and finally issuing permanent rules to govern its burgeoning industry, the economic powerhouse is poised to help lead the cannabis community into the future once again as PotGuide just covered:

California has always been a front-runner in progressive cannabis reform, evidenced by a strong marijuana culture and overwhelming support for the Golden State’s legalization bid in 2016. Now, as the state continues to advance its legal marijuana market, lawmakers and industry leaders are working toward big things in the future. Although tax revenues fell short of initial predictions, California is primed to become one of the most influential cannabis markets in the world. In fact, when considering the extent of California’s black market, the state might very well already hold that title. So, with high consumer demand for cannabis products and a bright future, what’s in store for California’s marijuana industry and culture?


With all the potential and opportunity for California’s legal cannabis market to thrive, you may be wondering how you can get involved. Luckily, there are plenty of great cannabis events happening every day in California – most notably the 5th Annual International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in San Francisco happening on February 7-8. The ICBC brings cannabis industry leaders and influencers together for an immersive experience that aims to progress the cannabis industry forward and educate people on the endless possibilities of a global marijuana market. If you’re looking to get involved in California’s cannabis industry, the ICBC is the place to be.


When it all boils down, cannabis has unstoppable momentum – especially in California. As more progressive legislation makes its way into law, expect to see the Golden State explode as a nationwide, if not global frontrunner in all things cannabis. Even though tax revenues are falling short right now, the demand for cannabis is ‘higher’ than ever. Stay tuned for what’s to come next!

It is going to be great to review the first year of cannabis sales in California and discuss the present and future of the industry with Lori Ajax, Chief of the Bureau of Cannabis Control at the ICBC in San Francisco this February 7th-8th. In addition to the important information provided by experts from across the industry, the ICBC will be a crucial place to network and organize to make needed regulatory changes because there is plenty of work to be done in the Golden State, but the future of the industry looks very bright.

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