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Pakistan Approves Creation Of Cannabis Regulatory Agency

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Pakistan may not be the first country that you think of when it comes to the emerging international cannabis industry, however, the nation is making strides to establish itself as an international cannabis player.

That is evidenced by the recent approval of a historic measure for Pakistan, which will, among other things, authorize the country to create a regulatory agency to oversee the nation’s legal cannabis industry once it is operating. Per Hum News:

President Dr Arif Alvi has given his nod to the promulgation of the Cannabis Control and Regulatory Authority Ordinance 2024, a significant move aimed at regulating the cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, and sale of cannabis derivatives for medical and industrial purposes.

The ordinance, officially titled the Cannabis Control and Regulatory Authority Ordinance 2024, aligns with Pakistan’s commitment as a signatory to the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961. It mandates the establishment of a government agency to oversee the cultivation and production of cannabis, in accordance with international conventions.

The new agency will be known as the ‘Cannabis Control and Regulatory Authority’ and will reportedly involve a 13-member board of governors, chaired by Pakistan’s Secretary of the Defense Division. The board will incorporate representatives from several government departments, the industry itself, and Pakistan’s intelligence agencies.

Cannabis industry licenses in Pakistan are expected to be valid for five-year periods, and a maximum harvest threshold of .3% THC will be enforced. Pakistan first approved hemp farming and related industrial processing back in September 2020.

Pakistan’s main exports are currently textiles, cotton, yarn, rice, and leather products. An industry projection from August 2022 estimated that a thriving hemp industry in Pakistan could be worth multiple billions of dollars annually. Many kush cannabis strains originated in the Pakistan region.