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Ontario Regulators End Cannabis Delivery And Curbside Pickup Services

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The ongoing pandemic has altered the way that most, if not all of us, live. All over the planet, people are adapting to the changes that local and national governments have put in place, and are continuing to adapt as those changes evolve (sometimes on a weekly basis).

COVID has also affected the way that entire industries operate, including the cannabis industry. From cultivation operations to distribution operations to retail outlets, cannabis regulators and entrepreneurs have jumped through many hoops to help maintain public safety.

In Ontario, regulators put in place temporary rules that allowed cannabis delivery and curbside pickup services for dispensaries. Unfortunately, it appears that those services will no longer be permitted:

Cannabis delivery and curbside pickup services are great options for customers and patients, and there’s no logical reason to prohibit those services even when a pandemic is not going on.

Safety concerns regarding COVID still exist, and therefore the delivery and curbside services should absolutely remain in place. As far as we can tell, there have been no reported issues related to either service in Ontario.

Regulators in Ontario should reconsider their decision and reinstate the temporary rules to allow delivery and curbside pickup services – or even better, make those rules permanent.