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New Medical Cannabis Laws Now in Effect in Germany

Medical marijuana doctor

Germans woke up to a breath of fresh air and a new change in health policy took effect earlier this week when the new medical cannabis laws recently passed by German Parliament became official.

Though Germany previously had allowed for some use of the plant by patients, the past law was extremely restrictive and burdensome, only allowing about 1,000 persons access to the medicine. The new law gives broad discretion to physicians to prescribe cannabis like any other drug for uses as the physician sees fit.

Moreover, treating cannabis as a legitimized medicine means that German health insurers will be covering the cost. Considering cannabis is the most popular illegal drug in Germany, as is the case nearly everywhere the plant is prohibited, there is little doubt that the new system will see massive increases in legal cannabis participation.

According to German news site, “The Local”, importation of medical cannabis has quadrupled since 2014. That quantity is certain to increase dramatically over the coming months until German lawmakers can set up the regulatory system for in-state production and details can be worked out for the program’s implementation. What that means for cannabis businessmen and women, however, remains in a cloud of ambiguity.

The German Cannabis Association (DHV) said they want more clarity on how businesses could gain such licenses.

“Concrete, detailed regulations will determine whether it will actually make sense for entrepreneurs to apply for licenses,” said a representative of the (German Cannabis Association (DHV)) lobby organization.

“What needs to be clarified is: what quantities will be given out, what varieties, what are the quality requirements, what is required of the businesses, and how many licenses will be issued.”

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