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New German Kid On Block, Farmako Pushes Forward With EU Footprint

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Farmako, a new specialty distributor in the cannabis space based in Frankfurt, Germany and with a UK office already established, has just become the first company to apply for a distribution license in the UK. It is also the first company to pursue distribution licenses for medical cannabis in multiple European countries and has lined up relationships across the continent with EU-GMP certified suppliers.

Who are these “new” canna-kids on the block? The company might just be founded, but the core team brings deep experience across critical competencies.

Niklas Kouparanis comes from the closest competitor so far in the market (the Cologne-based Cannamedical), itself a young startup that snared one of the first cannabis distribution licenses for the German market in the fall of 2016. Sebastian Diemer is one of Germany’s most successful founders with five companies under his belt and a track record in raising over €300 million in venture capital. Marcus Ewald is an expert in strategic PR and the federal chairman of the Young Economic Council plus the founder of the Federal Blockchain Association and Federal Association of AI.

Other team members include Mario Rechenbach, with a track record already in the German medical cannabis space, Torsten Rössing, who also has a background in strategic PR and is the regional chairman of the German Public Relations Association in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. At Farmako he will manage regulations and privacy. Patrick Schmitt is the last named founder. He is a molecular biologist and certified pharmaceutical expert.

Farmako intends to become a vertically integrated leader in every European country where cannabis is becoming legal. At this point, that is a long list.

Strategically Intriguing

Farmako is spreading its wings at a time when the import discussion across the continent has rapidly turned from a license-to-cultivate entry strategy into the world’s first high-volume, cross-border ex-im discussion without having to cross an ocean first. From Portugal and Spain to the West to Greece in the East, production is now coming online in multiple countries across the continent. A cross-European exporter right now, with a specialty in the cannabis space, is a very smart and well-timed concept that is clearly now executing with authority across the continent and in two of the most important medical markets.

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