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Morocco Passes Medical Cannabis Use Legislation

Flag of Morocco

The African country passes highly controversial legislation in part to create sustainable agriculture for its citizens

Bill number 13.21 passed the Moroccan Parliament in the first week of June. The bill had been highly contentious all the way through passage, both domestically and right next door in Algeria. Regardless, medical cannabis is now legal in another country in Africa which hopes to capitalize on at least medical reform to provide incomes for its farmers.

Indeed, Interior Minister Abdel-Wafi Laftit, who introduced the bill, called on both domestic and international organizations, including the UN, to integrate the development of the drug for the benefit of sustainable economic development in the most impoverished parts of the country.

Cannabis In Africa

The entire topic of cannabis in Africa has been one that has moved forward in fits and starts depending on where one is.

In South Africa and Lesotho (which is surrounded by the larger country), medical cannabis reform has proceeded over the last several years to the point that multiple firms have now begun certified cultivation and are proceeding through the certification processes for at least export if not a bit more than that – particularly on the hemp front.

Uganda has already exported cannabis to Israel.

Zimbabwe’s government has also just changed the law to allow private investors, including those from overseas, to own 100% of their investments without any forced government participation and ownership.

Cannabis has come (back) to Africa.


There are many implications for the development of the plant in the African continent – and further that go beyond just direct investment in production. 

The first is the development of low water and energy production methods. 

The second is the discovery of new Landrace cannabis strains.

How specific countries develop their cannabis production and extraction pipelines both for domestic consumption and export even within Africa is another discussion – but further one that at this point is well underway.

So is the export of cannabis to Europe (which has already begun even if in small trickles) – both in terms of raw product – and beyond that – inexpensive flower and even extract bound for markets still starved for affordable product.

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