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Morocco Government Issues Ten Permits For Cannabis Production


Morocco first adopted its current medical cannabis policy last year. The 2021 measure authorized the legal production of cannabis for medical, cosmetic, and industrial uses, as well as tasked a national agency to oversee the launch and operation of the industry.

Back in March of this year Morocco’s government selected three provinces where medical cannabis would eventually be legally cultivated for domestic and export purposes. Roughly three months later the nation’s national cannabis regulatory agency met for the first time, moving the launch of the nation’s legal industry one step closer.

This month Morocco’s industry effectively did launch, in that the government issued its first round of cannabis production permits. Per Reuters:

A Moroccan state agency has issued the first 10 permits for the use of cannabis in industry and medicine and for export, it said, the result of a law passed last year.

Farmers who organise into cooperatives in the northern mountain areas of Al Houceima, Taounat and Chefchaouen will be gradually allowed to grow cannabis to meet the needs of the legal market, the agency said.

Morocco has long served as a top source for unregulated cannabis, particularly hashish. Consumers and patients all over the world, and particularly in Europe, consider Morocco’s unregulated cannabis products to be top shelf.

It will be interesting to see if Morocco’s success in the unregulated market transfers over to the regulated industry. Only time will tell, although, the speed at which Morocco is moving is certainly encouraging.