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Luxembourg Wrestles With The Particulars Of Rec Legalization

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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has a date with destiny – namely recreational reform by the fall of this year (legislatively at least). But the devil is, as always, in the details.

Here is the intriguing development. Theoretically, or at least legislatively, Luxembourg is supposed to approve a recreational cannabis market this fall. 

Where has this been heard before? Ah, yes, Canada, circa 2018. 

Indeed, according to insiders, the country has been looking abroad for examples of how to proceed. An article in a French pro cannabis zine reports this week that the Parliament continues to debate the topic. The pressure is certainly on. This one small country of 600,000 in the heart of the EU is due to have an outsize impact on the conversation – and everyone knows it.

While Covid has clearly delayed the debate (everywhere), in Luxembourg the stakes are high – starting for the political party (the Greens) who promised to make this all happen back in 2018 when they got elected. How time flies.

Indeed, Luxembourg is likely less to be like “Canada” and more like Colorado in the ongoing European model. Holland is currently playing the part of California, sans raids by the federales

No matter the analogy, and from where it is drawn, politicians of the “left” persuasion are now in the political hot seat to deliver. Reform in the Duchy must be passed.

A Tipping Point European State?

Luxembourg, no matter the particulars of its reform, and how to control and regulate the sales of cannabis, is clearly a tipping point moment in the entire debate for the European Union if not Europe – particularly with Switzerland lining up to follow suit just next year.

Once there is a test model, there will be something for (at least) the Germans to debate. However, reform in Luxembourg is not even what it was pre-pandemic. The hit to every European economy from the shutdowns is massive. Further, it is inevitable that there will be both societal as well as political shifting – including on the entire topic – almost exactly like there was in the Roaring Twenties of the last century.

Just because Luxembourg is doing it, however, is not going to be an excuse that is likely to fly smoothly at the Bundestag (for one). That said, Germany, Italy, and other countries where medical reform has now come will be in the front lines of the debate in a way that has not happened here, yet.

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