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Luxembourg Poised to Lead Europe Toward Cannabis Legalization in 2020

As cannabis-friendly locales in Amsterdam and the Netherlands have helped change the European (and global) culture towards cannabis, regulations are needed to ensure that governments fully embrace legalization and harmful arrests can be curtailed. Uruguay and Canada have helped lead the way towards ending prohibition, as have several states in the U.S., while Germany has quickly become the European Union’s standard bearer on implementing a national medical program. One of the next major dominoes to fall is which European nation will be the first to fully legalize cannabis commerce and the tiny nation of Luxembourg may just end up being the spark that moves the continent forward.

Luxembourg has released initial plans toward legalization, and we’ve seen good signs elsewhere, such as a top federal health commission in Switzerland call for the repeal of prohibition (the International Cannabis Business Conference in Zurich will have the latest this May 15-16). If Luxembourg follows through with its plan, there will certainly be a lot of pressure on other European nations to follow suit.

There have been reports that other nations are frowning up Luxembourg’s plans, including the EU powerhouse of Germany, but those that have been attending ICBC Berlin the past few years can attest that those fears are likely overblown. Civilized caught up with Mikael, a spokesperson for Easy Going, an online shop that sells CBD-related products in Luxembourg, about his country’s move towards ending prohibition:

Indeed, this reality should come into existence in 2020. Legalization could generate a form of frenzy, excitement, even euphoria, one could say, with regards to the potential market. It is rare for a new market to be created like the one that might be created in 2020. It seems that Luxembourg might adopt the Canadian model. If that’s the case, we’ll have to be ready.


In my opinion, Luxembourg can set an example in Europe. Did you see the other big news announced together with the full legalization of cannabis? Free public transport! I’m proud to work in the first European country to introduce free public transport throughout its territory.

Now about cannabis, I think Luxembourg takes a good path. I hope other countries will follow Luxembourg and legalize it.

Cannabis tourism is big business for the economies of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Denver, and other locales that have established friendly atmospheres for the cannabis community. If Luxembourg implements legal cannabis to go along with free public transportation, we can expect a tourist boom for the tiny nation, and for its economic and political impact to be felt across the European continent and the world.

If you are in the cannabis industry, or are thinking of joining, the International Cannabis Business Conference in Zurich this May 15-16 is the event to attend. Thanks to a great partnership with CannaTrade, all ICBC Zurich attendees also get to attend Europe’s oldest hemp fair as well. Get your tickets today!

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