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Los Angeles Dispensaries Begin Adult-Use Cannabis Sales

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On Saturday, January 20th, Los Angeles joined the growing number of California cities which have begun official implementation of the Proposition 64 and are now selling cannabis for recreational use to adults aged 21+.

Despite significant consumer demand for cannabis in the nation’s second-largest city, the municipality has not quickly embraced regulatory oversight and has lagged behind other local governances in permitting cannabis outfits, even when the only laws on the books were medical.

From NBCNews:

“Los Angeles was slow to issue regulations for marijuana sales to any adult over age 21, though a 2016 ballot measure had cleared the way for the practice anywhere in California. The state’s biggest city approved about two dozen business for legal “adult” sales on Jan. 13, but they still awaited a final stamp of approval from the state. That came through for at least three of the businesses Friday evening.

“…[L]egal cannabis dispensary owners became frustrated that Los Angeles lagged behind neighbors like West Hollywood and Santa Ana in clearing the way for way for recreational use sales. The business people complained that the lack of government approval meant that customers were still going to the 700 or more shops in the city that don’t have licenses and don’t pay taxes.

“The permitting of the three Los Angeles dispensaries (including one downtown and another on Robertson Boulevard on the Westside) brought to 164 the number of businesses permitted statewide to sell marijuana for recreational use. Hundreds more are expected as the system, and demand, ramps up.”

As more California localities bring legalization online, the state will see greater economic benefits as revenue comes into the state’s coffers and jobs are created all across the state. While LA has been too slow to implement regulations, our nation’s second-largest city will play a huge part in our continuing fight to end cannabis prohibition across the nation. With Golden State officials standing behind the burgeoning marijuana industry, it is clear that the future is bright in LA and across the world’s sixth-largest economy.

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