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Key Committee Approves German Legalization Measure Ahead Of Friday Vote

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Going into this week, the eyes of the global cannabis community were fixed on Germany, where members of the Bundestag are expected to finally vote on a long-awaited adult-use cannabis legalization measure. While the final vote is still expected to occur on Friday, a key smaller vote occurred today, and the outcome was favorable.

Members of the Health Committee approved the measure, which in its most current form, would legalize cannabis cultivation, possession, and consumption by adults. Cannabis will be removed from Germany’s Narcotics List as part of the measure, and noncommercial cannabis clubs will be permitted to operate.

The measure now moves to a floor vote in the Bundestag:

If/when members of the Bundestag approve the measure on Friday, it will have to go back to the Bundesrat for further consideration. The Bundesrat does not have to approve the measure, however, it can refer the measure to a mediation committee that may slow down implementation. The Bundesrat previously approved a former version of the legalization measure back in October.

According to original reporting by Marijuana Moment, Minister Lauterbach could have struck a deal to avoid a referral to a mediation committee in exchange for extending the law’s implementation timeline, however, Minster Lauterbach has made it clear that he feels the measure will survive any legal challenges. Per RND:

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) expects constitutional challenges against the planned legalization of cannabis consumption. Although he expects lawsuits, the law will stand up in court, he told the Düsseldorf “Rheinische Post”.

It is a truly historic week in Germany, and assuming the Bundestag approves the measure in a vote on Friday, cannabis would become legal for adults in Germany on April 1st of this year.