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Judge Grants Home Cultivation Protection To Cannabis Patient In Brazil

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Back in June 2022, Brazil’s top Court ruled in favor of three patients that sought to cultivate their own cannabis. The Court at the time seemed to indicate that it felt Brazil’s government was purposefully trying to hinder safe access.

Another court case in Brazil was recently decided, this time involving one medical cannabis patient, and the ruling is in line with the previous top Court ruling that favored home cultivation. Per Extra:

A woman obtained in court a preventive habeas corpus that allows her to grow cannabis sativa for oil extraction for personal and medicinal use, in addition to authorization to import seeds. The request was made by lawyers Thais Menezes and Marianna Mendonça to the 7th Federal Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro and granted by Judge Caroline Vieira Figueired.

According to the ruling, the patient in this latest case can cultivate up to 21 plants every 4 months, or a total of 63 plants per year. The patient reportedly will use the harvests to make cannabis oil.

A big part of the court’s decision seemed to hinge on the patient’s inability to pay the costs of imported cannabis oil products, which can be very expensive. I suspect this patient’s situation is more common than many people think.

Every patient should be able to cultivate their own medical cannabis within reason. Not every patient has the ability to cultivate cannabis due to physical and logistical hurdles, however, every patient should have the right to home cultivation regardless.