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Israel Plans To Decriminalize CBD Two Years From Now


Cannabidiol (CBD) is arguably the most popular cannabinoid on the planet right now, at least by some measures. For instance, over the course of the last year searches on Google for ‘CBD’ have far exceeded searches for ‘THC’.

Products infused with CBD can be found almost all over the planet these days it seems like, with CBD being infused into all types of products including edibles, topicals, and even fabrics. Unfortunately, CBD is still illegal in some countries, including in Israel.

Israel’s government recently announced plans to finally decriminalize CBD, however, it’s a policy change that is not going to happen any time soon. Per Haaretz:

The Health Ministry has begun the process of exempting CBD, or cannabidiol, one of the active ingredients in cannabis, from its list of dangerous drugs.

According to the ministry’s plan announced Monday, sales of the chemical substance, which is used in food, medical and cosmetic products, will be permitted in about two years, after authorities complete all the necessary preparations.

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said decriminalizing CBD was part of a greater push “for the regulation of the cannabis plant,” adding that “it is widely agreed [CBD] should not be classified as a dangerous drug.”

Israel has long served as an international leader when it comes to cannabis research, and it makes no sense why the country would have such a harsh approach to CBD. After all, CBD does not induce euphoria.

In the United States, where medical cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, hemp-derived CBD is legal and sold nationwide. CBD products are sold all over Europe. Even in Thailand, where people used to get the death penalty for cannabis offenses, CBD is legal nationwide.

Putting aside that CBD is still illegal in Israel, which is odd to say the least, why is it going to take two years before CBD is exempted from Israel’s list of dangerous drugs? For a country that is so progressive on cannabis policy in some ways, Israel is clearly on the wrong side of history when it comes to CBD.