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Is Israel On The Verge Of Legalizing Cannabis For Adult Use?


At the beginning of 2020, it was expected that at least one, if not multiple countries, would legalize cannabis for adult use. Mexico seemed like the most likely candidate given the fact that Mexico’s Supreme Court mandated it via a 2018 ruling.

However, once the pandemic hit in 2020 lawmakers in Mexico pushed for an extension on the Court’s deadline to pass legalization legislation, for a second time, and that request was granted.

Lawmakers in Mexico have until the end of the year to comply with the mandate, but so far have failed to pass a legalization measure. It’s unclear what will happen if/when the latest deadline cannot be met.

Another country that was high (no pun intended) on people’s radar when it came to cannabis legalization in 2020 was New Zealand. Voters in New Zealand got to vote on a legalization measure in October.

Polling was all over the place leading up to the vote, with some polls indicating that the measure would pass, which no doubt led to some cannabis supporters being optimistic about its passage. Unfortunately, the measure was voted down.

One country that was likely not on people’s watch list is Israel. However, it is being reported that an adult-use legalization measure is about to be proposed. Per Times of Israel:

“A governmental committee tasked with reviewing Israel’s cannabis laws is reportedly set to recommend full legalization in a report due to be published this week.

The inter-ministerial committee made up of representatives from the Israel Police, the Public Security Ministry and the Health Ministry will recommend that the government continue efforts to decriminalize cannabis on the way to full legalization.”

Israel has long been an international leader when it comes to medical cannabis, especially from a science and research perspective. Non-medical cannabis has been decriminalized in Israel since 2017.

Per the previously cited article, as many as 27% of all adults in Israel report using cannabis, which if true, is obviously significant.

The legalization winds of change are picking up around the globe, and while it’s unlikely that Israel will legalize before the end of 2020 (time is quickly running out), it’s a safe bet that the country will legalize cannabis sooner rather than later.