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Irish Farmers Next to Cultivate Medical Cannabis?

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Ireland’s medical cannabis program was approved two years ago, but the system has never been fully implemented as bureaucratic hurdles have hindered the ability to agree upon a foreign importer. Sensibly, Irish Health Minister Simon Harris has proposed that Irish farmers should cultivate cannabis for the Emerald Isle’s patients. The Irish Farmers Association (IFA), whose members have staged recent protests to publicize the plight of its farmers, are intrigued, as reported by

Harris has acknowledged that the “lack of availability of cannabis products in Ireland remains the most critical barrier to full implementation” of the scheme.


“There is quite a lead-in time and there are patients who need this product as soon as possible. What we’re likely to do in the first course of action is to try and secure a product.

“Then in the medium terms talking about growing our own and securing our own supply in Ireland is the sensible thing to do,” he said.


An IFA spokesperson told that it is always open to discussing such measures.

“We note the minister’s comments with interest. Farmers always consider the merits of any potential diversification and we are open to meeting with the minister to discuss this matter, should he wish.”
Step by step sensible cannabis policies are being implemented throughout Europe. Hopefully, Irish patients can get the medicine they need as soon as possible through whichever source gets approved to export to Ireland, but the long-term solution of transitioning towards domestic production is a win-win for all involved. Prices will come down and more jobs and revenue will be created. After the sky doesn’t fall in Ireland, legalizing for all adults will likely be on the horizon in no time.
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