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Ireland’s Transport Minister: No Cannabis Legalization In 2021

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In many ways 2020 was one of the worst years of all time, yet, from a purely cannabis reform and industry standpoint, 2020 was a solid year by many measures.

Last year had one very big disappointment in the form of an unsuccessful vote in New Zealand, where voters shot down a nationwide cannabis legalization measure.

However, putting New Zealand’s vote aside, 2020 was stellar for cannabis efforts in many parts of the world, with the legal cannabis industry putting up record figures.

Several states legalized cannabis for adult use in the United States, and several countries increased momentum for reform at the international level going into 2021.

One country that will not be legalizing cannabis for adult use in 2021 is Ireland according to Green Party leader Eamon Ryan. Per The Irish Sun:

IRELAND is not ready to legalise cannabis next year, Green Party leader Eamon Ryan has claimed.

It comes as People Before Profit plan to put forward a motion in the Dail next year to legalise the drug in Ireland.

Earlier this month, PBP TD Gino Kenny said his party will bring forward legislation to try end the prohibition of cannabis in Ireland.

As of right now, only Uruguay and Canada have legalized cannabis for adult use. Italy’s Supreme Court ruled cannabis prohibition to be unconstitutional, but lawmakers in Italy have not passed a legalization measure to fully implement the Court’s decision.

Only time will tell which country on the European continent becomes the first to legalize, however, it will likely not be Ireland if current trends persist.