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Ireland Is Delivering Medical Cannabis To Patients Who Cannot Travel To The Netherlands

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Every suffering patient deserves safe access to proven medications that help treat their condition(s). Anyone who disagrees lacks compassion. Unfortunately, not every suffering patient has safe access to a popular, effective, and safe medication – the cannabis plant.

A number of countries continue to prohibit cannabis, even for medical purposes. Among the list of countries that do allow medical cannabis, many have programs that are so limited that most suffering patients are left on the outside looking in.

Ireland is home to a limited medical cannabis program, which results in many suffering patients traveling to The Netherlands in order to obtain cannabis. Traveling is much harder right now due to the ongoing pandemic.

Fortunately for the limited number of approved patients in Ireland, their government is helping bridge the gap. Per The Times:

The Department of Health is delivering medicinal cannabis to patients during the pandemic due to travel restrictions and quarantine requirements.

There are about 30 patients with a licence from the government which allows them to travel to the Netherlands to collect medicinal cannabis.

For the 30 patients that this program helps, this is a great thing. However, for the remaining countless suffering patients in Ireland, the gesture by the government is obviously meaningless.

The suffering patients of Ireland deserve to have a comprehensive medical cannabis program – one that helps all suffering patients and allows them to cultivate their own cannabis, in addition to other robust safe access options.