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Investors Are Wisely Looking Towards Europe

Berlin at night

Forward-thinking American business investors have had their eyes on the cannabis market for a few years now, looking critically at emerging laws and technologies in traditional places like Colorado, California, Oregon and British Columbia, among others. As the snowball of change has grown around the world, these initial entrepreneurs have started looking to meet the global demand of a product newly liberated from underground markets in other countries as well.

Last December, reported on the change in Germany’s medical cannabis law, which came on the heels of the International Cannabis Business Conference last April, suggesting that Germany would be the next big international cannabis market. And it looks like we were right.

A Cannatech News article published last week noted that several cannabis companies have advanced to the next stage of consideration for becoming licensed producers in the bubbling German medical cannabis market, five of them with Canadian ties. Those companies include Spektrum Cannabis, Maricann, Bedrocan, Aurora Cannabis and ABcann. While Canadian companies have gotten the leg up in Germany, due to favorable federal law, many of these Canadian businesses have American investors and American entrepreneurs are flocking to events like the ICBC in Berlin to find ways to enter the burgeoning European industry.

Benjamin Ward, CEO of Maricann Group Inc., makes a case for getting involved in the German cannabis market on CNBC:

“These European markets are increasingly important to the cannabis sector. Each has a well-funded medical system, residents who seek natural and complementary therapies, and a government-supported mandate to stop the rising tide of opiate addiction related to chronic pain treatment.

“…Those investors restricting their cannabis investments to this side of the ocean – and in the United States in particular – are left navigating an array of legislation on a state-by-state basis, prohibitive out-of-state investment regulations, and a prohibitive tax code. These investors miss the boat as they churn through such choppy water.

“As Germany moves smartly down this path of medicinal cannabis, the rest of Europe will soon follow. And to ignore 500 million people in a stable economy is a mistake.”

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