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Interview With Rafael Rey Managing Director At Agropharm


Agropharm is one of the leading cannabis companies within the emerging international cannabis industry, providing expert design and engineering services to top cultivation facilities and other company types. I recently interviewed Rafael Rey, Managing Director at Agropharm Projects. My questions are in bold, followed by Rafael Rey’s answers in plain font:

JG: What Is Agropharm?

Rafael: Agropharm is an association of qualified companies from Spain that offers technical advice and consultancy services to farmers, pharmaceutical companies and cannabis investors. From obtaining the licenses to planning the lighting systems or designing the greenhouse structure, we coordinate the construction of facilities for the cultivation of medical cannabis. We help our customers with every aspect of a medical cannabis project from the beginning to the start-up of the installations. In fact, our most common procedure is the turnkey project.

JG: What markets are you currently operating in? Do you have plans to expand to other countries?

Rafael: Currently, the majority of our construction projects are in Portugal. We have also worked on consulting projects for medical cannabis cultivation in certain countries, such as Colombia or Greece. It may sound astonishing that we do not have a project in our home country, but it is due to the legislation. Colombia and Greece have allowed the market to develop compared to many European countries, including Spain. However, we hope to have new projects in Spain in a near future.

JG: What unique challenges have you experienced while taking a cannabis-focused company global compared to growing a cannabis company domestically?

Rafael: The main difference between these types of projects is all that depends on logistics. The integration of all the components involved in the development of these projects is a challenge. That said, we feel very comfortable working on projects abroad.

JG: What business opportunities exist in the global cannabis industry?

Rafael: The facilities network expansion is the best opportunity to open up new markets in this sector. Nevertheless, legalization and the constantly increasing demand are limiting factors that affect our maneuverability significantly.

JG: Where do you see the global cannabis industry in 5-10 years?

Rafael: The progressive legalization of medical and recreational cannabis will increase the number of constructions and land needed to cultivate it. The industry will grow. We hope it will affect the Spanish market. We are looking forward to carrying out great projects in our beloved country.

JG: What advice do you have for someone that wants to succeed in the cannabis industry at the international level?

Rafael: Don’t be afraid and always keep going. Sometimes things can get complicated. When it happens, focus on your goals and never give up. And of course, read the legislation carefully in every country.

JG: What is the best way for folks to keep up on all of your cannabis industry pursuits?

Rafael: We have a LinkedIn profile, Agropharm Projects, where we share inspiring news on the industry and our company. You will learn a lot if you follow us, and we will appreciate it.