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International Travel Icon Rick Steves Urges Voters To Support Legalization

Rick Steves

Rick Steves is one of the most beloved humans on earth. Steves’ books and television shows dedicated to traveling the world have been read/viewed by tens of millions of people all over the globe.

Steves is one of the biggest champions for cannabis reform that the cannabis community has ever known. He has fought for cannabis reform and leveraged his celebrity status to support legalization efforts all over the planet, including and especially in the United States.

Rick’s support of cannabis reform is a big reason why we were so honored to have him as a keynote speaker at our virtual cannabis event that we held earlier this year.

Rick Steves is urging voters in various states to support legalization initiatives that will be appearing on the ballot in November. Below is more information about it via a press release that was sent to us by our friends at NORML:

Internationally renowned travel guide, author, and NORML Board member Rick Steves released a video message today urging voters this November to decide in favor of a number of statewide ballot proposals seeking to legalize the use of marijuana for either medical or adult use.

In his message, Steves calls the criminalization of marijuana a “counterproductive law” with racist origins, and praises state-level legalization policies for having raised tax revenue, mitigated the size of the illicit market, and promoted civil liberties. “We’re glad we legalized [marijuana in Washington state in 2012] and so are citizens in lots of other states. And with this election, in your state you can legalize too. Be sure to vote, and vote ‘yes’ on marijuana.”

Voters in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota will decide on adult-use legalization ballot initiatives on Election Day. Voters in Mississippi and South Dakota will decide this November on medicalization ballot measures.

In a text accompanying his video message, Steves wrote: “I’ve campaigned for marijuana legalization in six different states — Washington (2012), Oregon (2014), Massachusetts and Maine (2016), and Illinois and Michigan (2018) — and in each one, we’ve been successful. And for 2020, as I’m doing that work from home, I’ll be ‘barn-storming’ virtually in four states: New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota, and Montana. We’re polling well in all four states and fully expect to win — as long as people who believe it’s time to update the racist and counter-productive current laws get out to vote.

“Partnering with MPP (the Marijuana Policy Project, in South Dakota and Montana) and NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws — of which I’m a longtime board member — in Arizona and New Jersey), I’ve committed myself to ten solid days of media work (from September 21 through September 30) in these four states.

“I see this work as a civic duty…an act of good citizenship. If you care about fighting racism, defending civil liberties, and replacing a thriving black market with a highly regulated and taxed legal one, I hope you can work to elect politicians who favor an end to the prohibition on marijuana with this year’s election.”

NORML‘s Erik Altieri said: “We are thrilled to have Rick Steves taking time out of his busy schedule to emphasize that marijuana prohibition laws are a tragic, costly, and counterproductive policies for our country. Rick knows, as do the majority of voters in this country, that it is time to end this failed policy and legalize marijuana.”

Further information and additional videos are available at here.

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