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International Cannabis Business Conference Berlin Program Starts Today!


Today is the day!!

The International Cannabis Business Conference – Berlin has begun!

Last night’s VIP party with philosopher and cultural icon Henry Rollins kicked off the beginning of Europe’s biggest and best B2B cannabis conference.

Today begins two days of the most important business networking, with the world’s leading cannabis experts, happening in the Eastern Hemisphere for the next few decades. Today’s attendees will hear a keynote address from Henry Rollins, an update on the status of cannabis law in Germany from top activist Georg Wurth, from the Liberal Democrat’s addiction and drug policy spokesperson Dr. Wieland Schinnenburg and more experts from Germany and around the world, including a Canadian panel with Jamie Shaw, Robert Laurie, Clint Younge, Nick Pateras and William Rascan. The crowd will be engaged and entertained as cannabis comic (and longtime activist) Ngaio Bealum will handle the MC duties on the mic.

The cannabis industry has finally arrived in Germany. While there will be obstacles and hurdles the future is extremely bright. And what happens in Germany will reverberate throughout the European Union and around the world.

It’s not too late to get your tickets to be part of cannabis future. With Germany’s recent changes to medical cannabis laws, and a decision by their supreme court which puts licensing up in the air, players who are going to lead the global cannabis industry will be present, networking, and laying out plans for the future.

Now’s your last chance!

Come find your future in cannabis.

Georg Wurth, Henry Rollins, Jamie Shaw, Robert Laurie, Wieland Schinnenburg