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ICBC: The Ultimate One-Day California Cannabis Crash Course

ICBC Portland

Normally, the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) is a two-day affair, but for the first time ever, the ICBC in San Francisco will be a one-day crash course delving into the upcoming California cannabis market. With this being the first business conference of its type following the historic passage of the Prop 64 legalization measure, the San Francisco ICBC will hold off on the usual international panels, saving that for the Berlin conference in April.

“When entrepreneurs and businesses are preparing for state regulations we have found that a one-day conference can be about as effective as a two-day event,” states ICBC lead producer, Alex Rogers. “This is a model that we have utilized for the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference to great success, as California’s northern neighbor has rolled out commercial rules.”

Some of the topics, the ICBC in San Francisco will be covering:
California Regulations and Licensing

Over the last few years California has seen a tidal wave of policy changes related to commercial cannabis activity, culminating with the historic November election. This panel will feature several speakers from the state regulatory agencies tasked with regulating and licensing cannabis businesses in California. This panel will deliver up-to-date and accurate information regarding the status of forthcoming state regulations and licenses across all facets of the industry.Distribution Models and License Types

A hot topic among all consumer brands and manufactures, our panelists include those with experience in a diverse number of distribution models including agricultural cooperatives, independent distributors, online wholesale marketplace platforms, aggregation and processing centers, transportation-only and security providers. The panel will provide a comprehensive analysis of license types and distribution models conducive to all types and sizes of operators and their needs.

Public Markets Financing and Cannabis Stocks

With investor interest in cannabis at an all-time high, our panel focusing on public cannabis companies will highlight issues faced by investors looking to invest domestically, as well as opportunities on the regulated exchanges in Canada. We will also examine go-public strategies and the pros and cons of specific exchanges for companies considering a public market financing strategy. Our panel will include analysts along with CEOs of public cannabis companies.

Consumer Technology and Branding

Cannabis has gone mainstream, which means ratcheting up innovation and focusing on brand are crucial factors for success. Our panel features cannabis industry disrupters along with media professionals from fortune 500 companies, discussing the new competitive paradigm, including a focus on recreational consumers.

Upcoming Cannabis Lab Testing Standards

While it is unclear what the exact state testing standards will be put in place, it is clear that new cannabis lab testing standards will be implemented by the California Department of Pesticide Regulations, in consultation with the Department of Food and Agriculture, by January 1, 2018. State regulatory bodies will conduct meetings and hearings throughout 2017, hearing from public health experts and industry stakeholders, in developing lab testing standards. California will certainly look at testing standards for its own crops as well as the cannabis testing standards developed in other states. A recent study found that 89% of the California cannabis they tested would not meet Oregon’s commercial standard. It is extremely important that California industry participants be prepared and start planning for the upcoming regulations. Our panel of experts will help industry participants understand what to expect and how they can best be ready to meet whatever testing standards California implements.
The California Cannabis Business Conference You Don’t Want to Miss
Whether your cannabis business is involved in growing, processing, lab testing, dispensing, wholesaling or integrated into the industry through an ancillary field, the ICBC in San Francisco is a must-attend event. Not only will you get a crash course in the latest developments in the Golden State, but you will also network with other like-minded folks and have an opportunity to take your business to the next level.
Please join us on February 17th and get your early-bird tickets before prices go up. If you would like to increase your networking opportunities and, you may want to add on our VIP event on the 16th as well. This is such an exciting time for the California cannabis community and a crucial time for industry participants and we look forward to helping ICBC attendees succeed in the world’s 6th largest economy.

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