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SATURDAY, DEC. 2, 2017

8:30 AM

Exhibitor Area Opens

9:15 AM Conference Introduction

Alex Rogers, Executive Producer of the International Cannabis Business Conference

Alex Rogers

Executive Producer ICBC

9:20 AM Welcome Video

Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard welcomes the Kauai ICBC with Aloha via video

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

Democrat, Hawaii

9:30 AM Keynote Speech by Hawaiian Senator Will Espero

In the legislature since 1999, Vice President of the Hawaiʻi Senate, Senator Will Espero, has long been a leader advocating for sensible cannabis laws. Senator Espero has sponsored a  bill to decriminalize personal use, has been a champion of the state's medical system, and sees Hawaiʻi legalizing cannabis within the next several years. After a total of 26 years in state and county government, Senator Espero announced his intention to run for Lieutenant Governor of the Aloha State. With Hawai'i on the forefront of the movement with a progressive medical system, one that will start providing medicine to all state-registered patients from across the United States and will be one of the first states to legalize adult use through its legislature, the current and future leadership of Mr. Espero is crucial. We are proud to have one of Hawai'i's finest public servants keynoting our first venture into Kauai.

Senator Will Espero

Democrat, Hawaii

10:00 AM Hawaiian Rules & Regulations Panel

In 2001, Hawai'i established a statewide MM caregiver system. In 2015, a dispensary program was established and eight licenses were awarded on four islands. The dispensaries are all vertically integrated, and will produce and distribute all of their own medical marijuana products. In 2018, reciprocation with other state license holders will be allowed. Our panel of local experts will go over the ins and out of the Hawai'i MMJ rules and regulations and the trajectory of the industry.

Caleb King

Steep Hill Hawaii, VP Scientific Operations

Helen Cho

Aloha Green Apothecary

Dan Hempey

De Costa Hempey Meyers LLC

10:45 AM Cannabis Cross Borders

Ending cannabis prohibition doesn't happen in a vacuum. Positive reforms in one country resonate beyond those borders. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently stated that Canada was influenced by legal states in America and Israel's Justice Minister stated that his country partly decriminalized cannabis after seeing other nations liberalize their laws. Our international panel will discuss trends from around the globe, with a focus on Jamaica, Canada, Europe and Colombia.

Jamie Shaw, Moderator

MMJ Canada, Government Relations Director

Native Wayne Jobson

DJ and Music Producer

Lukas Behal

Cannafest Prague

Robert Laurie

Ad Lucem Law

Bibiana Rojas

Columbian Cannabis, CSO

11:45 AM Mainstreaming Cannabis Media

Is there room for Cannabis-centric media in a world that's increasingly accepting of cannabis and its role in our culture? The recent purchase and valuation of High Times suggests...yes! Our panel of endemic and mainstream media executives will discuss the continued migration of cannabis from counterculture to mainstream and the 'lanes' they see possibly existing between the factions of media covering all things cannabis going forward.

David Downs, Moderator

San Francisco Chronicle

Jim Baudino

Merry Jane Media

Andre Borque

Entrepreneur Magazine

Meg Owen

Leafly, Director Digital Marketing

12:30 PM BREAK

Conference continues at 1:45 PM

1:45 PM The Future of Hemp in Hawai'i

The panel will discuss the pros and cons of growing hemp in Hawaii and how it will affect agriculture in our state. There will be a brief introduction to how Hawai'i got to where it is today and what the future brings.

Greg Smith

Green Hawai'i Genetics

Dustin Barca


2:15 PM Video Interview with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

Representing Orange County, California, since 1989, Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has long been an advocate for ending federal cannabis prohibition. Rohrabacher is a founding member of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, the federal amendment that currently protects state-legal medical cannabis patients and providers from federal prosecution bears his name. Leading the way from the conservative arguments for legalizing cannabis, it is a testament to Rep. Rohrabacher's leadership that a majority of Republicans now support legalizing cannabis. With Republicans controlling the United States Congress and White House, his sensible voice on cannabis laws is more important than ever. Aaron Smith, the director of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), will be conducting the interview with Rohrabacher. With NCIA the leading organization lobbying for sensible laws and regulations at the federal level, the discussion will cover the important issues facing the cannabis industry, from taxes to banking services to protection from Jeff Session's Justice Department, and more.

U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

Republican, California

Aaron Smith

National Cannabis Industry Association

3:00 PM Celebrity Interview with Doug Benson by Steve Bloom

Doug Benson has a long history with cannabis, elevating himself into one of the top marijuana icons of his generation. A contestant on NBC's Last Comic Standing, Benson has combined cannabis and comedy unlike many others. His role in Super High Me took Doug to another level, while he showed that smoking (a lot) of cannabis didn't detrimentally hurt his health. You can see Doug today on Comedy Central on The High Court with Doug Benson and you can check out his hilarious podcast Getting Doug with High. Benson will be interviewed by Freedom Leaf's Steve Bloom, the former music-editor of High Times.

Doug Benson

Cannabis Comedian

Steve Bloom

Freedom Leaf Magazine


Exhibitor Area opens at 9:00 AM

10:00 AM The Rise of Canadian LPs and PubCo Funds

We'll explore Public Markets, and delve into differences between exchanges and advantages relative to private vehicles, for those entrepreneurs considering a go-public strategy, acquisition, or raise from a PubCo. Our panel will feature CEOs from firms with an aggregate market cap north of $1B, who will be sharing their companies' investment strategies, including North American and International opportunities in Cannabis.

Dean Arbit

Smell The Truth, Publisher

Mike Lickver

Wheaton Income, Executive VP of Strategy

Marc Lustig

Cannabis Royalties & Holding Corporation

Robyn Rabinovich

Terrascend Corporation

10:45 AM Private Equity, VCs, Angels

Private investment has led the way in funding our Industry to this point. Our esteemed panel of Industry financiers will discuss the challenges and nuances of identifying the hottest verticals, and most sought after concepts and companies to invest in.

Mary Patton, Moderator

Cannabis Industry Consultant

Steve Koskie

The HandPicked Company

Evan Eneman

Casa Verde Capital

11:30 AM Building a Cannabis Brand For the Modern Consumer

PRØHBTD Media is a leading video production, branding and content marketing studio for the cannabis industry. More than 100 brands trust the company to help them build their brands and connect with consumers online and off. CEO and founder Drake Sutton-Shearer will take you through a fun and informative journey on cannabis brand building and what it means to be a modern day brand.

Drake Sutton-Shearer


12:00 PM Investing in California Cultivation

Featuring DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill and Bhang Chocolate's Jamie Pearson. California, the sixth-largest economy in the world (and growing), goes recreational in a month, establishing the most lucrative marijuana market in the world. Of course, cannabis commerce needs cultivators to succeed and such a huge market presents big opportunities for growers. Our panel will cover the ins and outs of commercially cultivating cannabis in the Golden State, providing first-hand experience, sharing some real-world anecdotes and even busting a few myths in the process. The details matter, so the panel will break down the numbers, methods and differences between different types of grows and will even give insight into getting the proper types of investors and investment deals for your operation. DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill will be on stage to discuss his experience within the cannabis culture and his marijuana business ventures, as well as take questions from attendees.

DJ Muggs

Cypress Hill

Jamie Pearson

Bhang Chocolates, Director of Operations

12:45 PM BREAK

Conference Resumes at 1:45 PM

1:45 PM Understanding Legal Tools: The Key to Locking Out Lawsuits and Lowering Taxes

Through this course attendees will truly understand exactly how, why, and where legal entities should be used for both lawsuit prevention and income tax reduction. Our course is both engaging and easy to understand. When completed, attendees will have an understanding of the proper use of legal tools, and will have an organized approach to taking effective action.

David Gibb

Legally Mine

2:30 PM Intellectual Property and Cannabis Brands

Our panel of distinguished industry legal minds and brand builders will asses how continued social acceptance of cannabis and the industries rising profile and lucrative bottom line is driving brand licensing deals and their relative success. Panelists will also examine and weigh in on the legal ramifications of such deals, and cannabis IP in general, given the murky protections and enforcement associated with our Industry.

Russ Jacobs

Starbucks, In-House Counsel

Kohel Haver

Swider | Haver

Dave Branfman

Branfman Law

Seth Adler

Event Moderator and Podcast Host

3:15 PM Strategic Partnerships: A Key to Survive and Thrive

Specialization is a major factor attracting capital and helping grow the Cannabis sector at hyper-speed.  As businesses scale, focused models will be a necessity from both economic and regulatory perspectives, allowing companies to position and embed into the Industry value chain alongside other 'specialists'.  Our panel of Industry experts will discuss strategy in identifying synergies in prospective strategic partners and offer their insights related to making these significant decisions which can be a determining factor in the survival and ultimate success of your business.

Brad Lane

Cannabis Planet Productions

Brian Staffa

BSC Group

Robin Swinney

Mary's Medicinals

Rachel Kurtz, Moderator


4:00 PM Clean Cultivation & Genetics

With ever-tightening regulations and oversight related to Cultivation, our panel of elite Industry scientists and growers will discuss topics ranging from regenerative farming and breeding, to organic pesticides and microbial screening methods as they relate to more stringent and evolving testing requirements.

Kevin Jodrey

Wonderland Nursery

Michael Robbie


John Perricone

Double Clef Management

Darryl Hudson, Moderator

International Cannabis Consultant

4:45 PM ICBC Lifetime Achievement Award for Cannabis Awareness presented to Ed Rosenthal

Ed Rosenthal, known in the cannabis community as ``the Guru of Ganja`` has been a leading advocate for ending cannabis prohibition and has shared his expert growing tips to cultivators of all levels for decades. A founder of High Times, his ``Ask Ed`` column was the go-to source for cannabis cultivation knowledge. Now, Ed's books continue to spread his vast knowledge of growing techniques, with more than a million books sold. Students at Oaksterdam University can get first-hand lessons from the guru. In addition to his experience growing cannabis, Rosenthal has been a no-holds barred activist, working to bring cannabis cultivation and use out of the shadows and into the mainstream. His federal trial in 2003 helped public opinion in favor of state medical laws with the disclosure that the jury was not allowed to hear that he was deputized by the City of Oakland to provide marijuana for patients. Rosenthal continues to use his voice to fight for the rights of the cannabis community across the nation and the world. We are proud to give a well-deserved lifetime achievement award to the Guru of Ganja for his unabashed activism over the course of four decades.

Ed Rosenthal

Guru of Ganja

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