ICBC Kauai Classic Golf Tourney Dec. 4

Robert Trent Jones Oceanside PGA Course

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Note: Golf Tourney package does not include conference admission. The normal price of $199 per person is an additional price to the conference admission ticket. However, we are offering a killer deal here, with price including green fees, cart, clubs and shoes per person! Tourney will be a Singles Golf Tournament. This is a beautiful PGA-designed course adjacent to the Hyatt, with spectacular ocean views throughout. Begins at 11:30 AM with a 12:30 PM start time, please plan on arriving by 11:30 AM to check in, warm up, and go over rules. A player can represent either a company or an individual. Any order of play may be used, with men playing from white tees and women playing from red tees. Each player plays their own ball until holed. Maximum strokes allowed is Double Par to speed up play; please pickup and proceed to next hole. Ties will be decided by a scorecard playoff beginning with the number 1 handicap hole. There will be contests for longest drive for men and women and closest to the hole for men and women; there will also be prizes for best overall scores, and prizes for best handicap scores.


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