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ICBC Founder Named Top German & EU Mover and Shaker

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Many people told International Cannabis Business Conference Founder and CEO Alex Rogers that he was crazy for holding a conference in Berlin, Germany, in 2017. At the time, the nation’s medical law was extremely restrictive, stifling most thoughts of a workable industry. However, Alex saw the future, and he saw a nation that was poised to lead the European Union towards more progressive cannabis policies. Two years later, Rogers has been proven prescient, and the Cannabis Industry Journal just recognized Alex as a member of “A Who’s Who List of the Top Movers & Shakers in the German & EU Cannabis Markets“:

As the founder of the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), Alex has established perhaps the first truly international cannabis conference brand catering to the professional end of the regulated industry but retaining the soul of the advocacy movement. The Berlin conference going into its third year in 2019, literally reset the standards if not stage for the next upgrade of the industry conference concept. Within a year of its first international conference in Berlin, Alex and his team had also established conferences in Canada and are establishing the B2B conference of Spannabis under their rubric in Barcelona as of next year.

Dr. Pierre Debs, a speaker at the first ICBC Berlin, was also named to the list:

An American expat with a German Ph.D., and twenty five plus years’ experience in stem cell research, including endocannabinoid system function. Debs is also the often uncredited individual who opened the current medical market in Germany in particular, but with immediate impact throughout Europe. As the scrappy start up MedCann, Debs, his cofounders and a skeleton team based just south of Frankfurt, not only got into the game first, they beat other established companies to obtain the first import license for Canadian flower in the summer of 2016. Including and most notably Tilray.

The Berlin conferences have been huge, sold-out successes and have led to an expansion of the ICBC across Europe as the world’s premier cannabis B2B will head to Barcelona, Spain, in partnership with Spannabis on March 14, 2019. A few weeks after Barcelona, the ICBC will be back in Berlin from March 31st to April 2nd. Before crossing the pond, the ICBC will be in San Francisco on February 7th-8th. With progressive cannabis laws moving forward in the United Kingdom and around the world, stay tuned for future destinations of the ICBC as the conference continues to bring movers and shakers from across the globe together.

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