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ICBC Founder Alex Rogers Featured on Hash Church 2.0

Hash Church 2.0

Alex Rogers founded the International Cannabis Business Conference in 2014 after a successful (and ongoing) stint as a medical clinic owner. Alex’s vision of an interconnected industry on the horizon has taken the ICBC up and down the North American West Coast and into Europe. After the upcoming ICBC in San Francisco on February 7-8, Alex’s team will be heading to Barcelona, Berlin, Zurich, and Vancouver in 2019.

While the ICBC has earned the reputation as the premier industry networking event that arms attendees with important information, the event remain garnered its popularity by combining all aspects of the cannabis culture into a business conference, keeping the event practical, entertaining, and true to its activist roots. The ICBC strives to help industry participants to increase revenue, but it always maintains a focus on keeping people out of prison, ensuring safe access to patients, and never forgetting the culture that made the cannabis community special and unique.

Hash Church 2.0 brought on Rogers to share some old school stories, discussing cannabis, music, and culture. Host Bubbleman brings on cannabis icons, underground legends, and movers and shakers from around the world and Rogers can seamlessly discuss cannabis with the renowned Bubbleman as easily as he talks to investors and entrepreneurs. Rogers plethora of cannabis knowledge is a huge reason that the ICBC has become the marijuana industry event of the year. Check out Rogers on Hash Church 2.0 and see him all around the world in 2019. Get your early-bird tickets to save and secure your place to learn the latest about the cannabis industry while networking with top investors and entrepreneurs from around the world.

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