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14 March
Auditori de Cornellà/W Hotel

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The Conference Package


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The Conference Package

14 MARCH, 2019 - Join us at the Auditori de Cornellà in Barcelona to learn about doing cannabis business in Europe and network with the top companies and agencies in today's new marketplace.

Includes Admission to Full Day of Conference

The After Party Package


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The After Party Package

14 MARCH, 2019 - Join us at the Auditori de Cornellà in Barcelona to learn about doing cannabis business in Europe and network with the top companies and agencies in today's new marketplace.

AFTER PARTY 14 MARCH, 2019 - Join us after the conference at our exclusive After Party at Barcelona's iconic W Hotel for an unforgettable evening of networking and fun from 9 pm to 1 am. With a live musical guest (past performers have included KRS One and Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs) the dance floor is the place to be!

Includes Admission to Full Day of Conference and After Party
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ICBC €20,000 Euro Pitch

International Exposure For Your Business!

The ICBC is excited to announce their Euro Pitch Event in Barcelona that will award a European cannabis related business € 20,000 (twenty thousand Euros).

Judges in Barcelona will include people familiar with the cannabis industry and culture, who will hear about the competitors’ backgrounds, business practices, and how the € 20,000 would impact them. While the prize money is great, the bigger reward is the opportunity to present one’s business to the investors and entrepreneurs attending the ICBC Barcelona! For details on how to apply, or to find out more general information on the ICBC Barcelona, please download, fill out and return this form:

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Up to date information on the cannabis industry

  • Donnelly Group, Known for Running Vancouver Bars, Moves Into Cannabis

    It is understandable to see companies from various business sectors move into the cannabis industry, especially in Canada, where federal legalization has made it legally (and more culturally) acceptable for beverage, tobacco, and other types of businesses to look for more green while investing in the green. In Vancouver, British Columbia, the Donnelly Group, known...

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  • Keeping Up with Canada? California Moves Towards State Cannabis Banking.

    As most folks know by now, a lack of banking services have forced cannabis businesses, including those legal under state law, to deal predominantly in cash due to continued U.S. banking laws that make it nearly impossible to do business with federally chartered financial institutions. There are a few reasons why Canada, the first G7...

  • Former US Senate Majority Leader Joins International Cannabis Board

    As the cannabis legalization movement moves more mainstream, and the industry become more profitable, we shouldn’t be surprised to see former policymakers and elected officials join the business sector. Former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner has been the most prominent American politician to enter the industry while Vicente Fox, the former president of...

  • Former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher on Reagan, Trump, and Cannabis

    The best chance of the United States has of legalizing cannabis in the near future is passing the STATES Act that would end federal interference with state’s legalization laws as Donald Trump has signaled his support for the measure. Former Representative Dana Rohrabacher has stated his belief that Trump agrees with a states’ rights legalization...

  • ICBC Zurich 2019 In Pictures! Next up: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) made its first venture into Switzerland last week, with a conference in Zurich, and the event was a raging success. A sincere thanks to all of our speakers, attendees, sponsors and CannaTrade, Europe’s oldest hemp fair, for partnering with us. We are already looking forward to returning to Switzerland next...




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