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Grenada Expected To Pass Cannabis Decriminalization Measure In 2024

Grenada Flag

Grenada may not be the first nation that you think of when contemplating cannabis policy modernization efforts, however, the Caribbean nation is expected to pass a cannabis decriminalization measure next year.

While the measure is being described domestically as ‘decriminalization,’ perhaps a more proper way to describe the measure is that Grenada is seeking to legalize the production of limited forms of medical cannabis products, in addition to decriminalizing personal possession and cultivation in some cases. Per Telesure English:

According to official reports, with this initiative, the Caribbean country seeks to diversify its economic base and create new engines to drive growth.

This should result in the elaboration and commercialization of products made with cannabis (as it is also known), but also allow the possession of only five plants or 24 grams, especially for members of the Rastafarian movement.

In many countries around the world, governments have launched robust medical cannabis programs that permit most or all forms of cannabis to be produced and sold via various means such as through dispensaries and/or pharmacies.

What is being proposed in Grenada on the medical side appears to be the legalization of pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products involving isolated cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol. If that is the case, there are many nations around the world already doing that.

The personal possession and cultivation provisions, if implemented, would be more significant from a public policy standpoint. The cultivation of five plants and the permitted possession of 24 grams is more than what is currently in place in Luxembourg where adults are permitted to cultivate up to four plants and possess up to three grams.