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Government Agencies In Thailand Sign Agreement To Promote Cannabis

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In one week Thailand will implement robust changes to the country’s cannabis policies, not the least of which will be allowing every household in the country to sign up to cultivate low-THC cannabis.

To help encourage the nation’s industry, Thailand’s government previously announced that it will offer low-interest loans to aspiring cultivators, as well as distribute over 1 million free cannabis seeds to the public.

Earlier this week over half a dozen agencies in Thailand entered into an agreement to promote the nation’s emerging cannabis industry going forward. Below is more information via a social media post from the National News Bureau of Thailand:

An agreement has been signed by the Ministry of Public Health and seven other agencies to support and promote the appropriate use of cannabis and hemp.

Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul presided over the signing of the agreement to prioritize using cannabis and hemp for health and economic purposes, and not for illegal or inappropriate use. In addition to the health ministry, the agreement was signed by representatives from other agencies, namely the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, the Mass Communication Organization of Thailand, The Medical Council of Thailand, and Thai Traditional Medical Council.

The Royal Thai Police, the Office of the Narcotics Control Board and the Food and Drug Administration also signed as witnesses for the agreement.

According to Anutin, the agreement aims to ensure that use of the plants is prioritized for medicinal and economic purposes, encourage product diversity, and increase market value. He also emphasized the importance of publicizing the goal of removing these plants from the Type 5 Narcotics List in order to prevent public misuse.

Both plants will be removed from the Type 5 Narcotics List on June 9, 2022. However, any product containing more than 0.2% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) extract is still classified as a category 5 substance and is subject to narcotics control and suppression laws.

Anyone who wishes to grow cannabis and hemp must register through the Food and Drug Administration’s “Puk Kan” mobile application, while those who intend to cultivate them for commercial purposes must notify the authorities before starting their business.