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Germany Moving Forward With Legal Cannabis Sales Plan

Germany Parliament

Germany’s Health Ministry announced today that it will start holding hearings tomorrow to discuss various aspects of legalizing cannabis sales for adult-use nationwide. It’s a huge announcement and moves Germany one step closer to inevitably launching legal adult-use sales nationwide.

As of right now, only one country, Canada, allows legal adult-use sales nationwide to anyone of legal age. Uruguay also has legalized cannabis for adult use, however, sales are limited to the citizens of Uruguay. Malta has also passed a legalization measure, however, Malta’s current legalization model does not permit sales.

Global Economic Powerhouse

Germany is home to the fourth-largest economy on earth, and its population is more than twice the size of Canada. It appears that, at least for the time being, when Germany launches legal adult-use sales it will be a cannabis oasis of sorts, having a virtual adult-use sales monopoly on the continent.

With that in mind, Germany’s adult-use industry will be massive and unlike anything we have ever seen in the global cannabis community. The hearings that will start tomorrow will involve hundreds of representatives from various backgrounds, including representatives from the medical and legal fields.

What Will The Hearings Involve?

Much of what will be discussed will apparently revolve around quality control and limiting youth access to cannabis, and the current plan seems to involve a comprehensive evaluation four years after the launch of sales. In total, there will be five hearings and all of them are expected to be completed by the end of this month.

What is eventually discussed at the hearings will then be used to craft national rules, regulations, and laws that pertain to adult-use cannabis sales. The sales component is just one facet of Germany’s effort to legalize cannabis for adult use.

Leaders in Germany previously indicated that home cultivation would also be a part of an eventual legalization measure that will eventually be introduced, which is expected to happen as soon as this summer. The significance of legalization in Germany cannot be overstated. It will usher in a new era for the cannabis industry, in addition to encouraging every other country in Europe to end prohibition.