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German Health Minister Defends Cannabis Legalization Measure

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach

Germany’s Health Minister Karl Lauterbach recently appeared on the Markus Lanz talk show to discuss the looming adult-use cannabis legalization measure vote in the Bundestag, as well as the benefits of the measure.

“Those who are already consuming are no longer dependent on the black market, on the dealers, on crime, on the additives. That means we recognize that cannabis is consumed in society.” Minister Lauterbach states in the discussion (translated from German to English).

Initial components of Germany’s legalization plan are expected to come into effect on April 1st. Adults in Germany will be able to legally cultivate, possess, and consume cannabis. Below is the full episode of Minister Lauterback on the Markus Lanz talk show. Please be aware that the discussion is in German.