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German Cannabis Legalization Update – Keynote Speaker Peter Homberg

Peter Homberg International Cannabis Business Conference Berlin 2023

Germany continues to trend towards modernizing its cannabis policies, and once legalization is achieved there, it will have a butterfly effect on the entire global cannabis industry. However, while the overall impact of German legalization at the macro level is fairly straightforward to understand, the same is not true at the regional market level, as some markets will be impacted more than others.

Renowned international cannabis expert Peter Homberg recently discussed the current state of German cannabis policy, ongoing modernization efforts, and what it means for the emerging cannabis industry as a keynote speaker at the recent International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin. Peter Homberg is a partner at the leading international business law firm Dentons. The embedded video below contains his keynote speech in its entirety.

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin in 2024, as well as at our upcoming science and technology event in Slovenia this September!

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