Former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher on Reagan, Trump, and Cannabis

The best chance of the United States has of legalizing cannabis in the near future is passing the STATES Act that would end federal interference with state’s legalization laws as Donald Trump has signaled his support for the measure. Former Representative Dana Rohrabacher has stated his belief that Trump agrees with a states’ rights legalization approach, but that he could learn a few tips about uniting voters from Ronald Reagan.

Rohrabacher, who famously led the charge to protect states’ medical cannabis laws from being trampled by Uncle Sam, has taken his message international, keynoting the International Cannabis Business Conference in Zurich. Following the ICBC in Zurich, the Orange County, California, Republican sat down with Blick, one of Switzerland’s biggest daily newspapers, discussing his past work with Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, and cannabis:

While Federal President Ueli Maurer (68) was in the USA, there was a high visit from the USA yesterday in Zurich. California Republican Dana Rohrabacher, 71, was a special assistant to US President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) and a 30-year congressman. Until he was ousted by a Democrat last year.

The conservative Rohrabacher, who has German and English roots, is touring around the world to campaign for the legalization of cannabis – especially in the medical field. So he was yesterday guest speaker at the International Cannabis Business Conference at the Hotel Atlantis. He explains to BLICK: “Every adult should be able to decide for himself what is good for him. In addition, we can use it to eliminate the business of criminals. “He himself had consumed marijuana as a 23-year-old. ”But only a short time, since then I do not take it anymore.”


Trump could learn a lot from his old boss, says Rohrabacher. ”Reagan was able to achieve important goals and keep the people together. Trump also gets to his destination, but at the expense of the people’s unity. “Or, as Rohrabacher puts it,” Trump flies, Reagan shook hands. “

Not that long ago, Dana Rohrabacher was virtually all alone among his Republican colleagues regarding cannabis policy. Now that legalization has majority support among voters, across the political spectrum, positive changes are on the horizon. We can expect U.S. cannabis prohibition to end within the next few years, a policy shift that will certainly reverberate around the world, and Rohrabacher was a pioneer that deserves his share of credit.

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  • Frim age 14 until I ended up in this nursing home a year ago, I smoked marijuana daily and it seems to have had no negative effects on either my mental ability or my motivation, I retired as a full professor at a research university, authored well-reviewed books and won awards and honors. For instance, I was appointed Distinguished Visiting Professor at a European university. My experience of
    cannabis is well described in the words of that great creative genius Louis Armstrong, a life long pot smoker. He said “It’s a thousand times better than whiskey. It’s a helper, a friend.” /Sam Abrams

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