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Forbes: Jamaica’s Coral Cove Cannabis Retreat Is a Hidden Treat

Coral Cove

Cannabis tourism is a growing sector of the industry filling a niche that is increasingly desired and needed. Folks visiting cannabis-friendly locales often need safe places to consume their recently-acquired ganja as too many locales prohibit smoking or even vaping in any establishments.

In Oregon, for instance, otherwise law-abiding citizens are forced outside because of the state’s restrictive Indoor Clean Air Act that forbids even the vaping of any cannabinoids. While Oregon’s hotels are allowed to designate up to 25% of their rooms for smokers, not all do, and for some reason, state rules prohibit dispensaries from delivering to hotels. Jamaica’s Coral Cove has seen the light (and will probably see more green enter its bank account) by offering a cannabis retreat, as covered by Forbes:

The retreat resides far away from prying eyes. People who want to walk around without winding up on social media or be gawked at by other guests will especially appreciate this homey hamlet, with its private, secluded waterfront cove. Although, the cove itself is heaven on Earth for aspiring influencers who are eager to snap selfies in exotic locales.

Coral Cove’s owner, Steve Zindars, is a down-to-Earth, good ol’ boy from Ilinois who, who after living part-time as an expat in Jamaica for over twenty years, is “Jamerican,” having adapted to the “island time,” relaxed way of life.


The property boasts a boutique cannabis cultivation site containing lovingly grown, strains such as Lemon Skunk. Coral Cove’s ganja is grown in cooperation with the island’s Bobo Shanti Rastafari sect, who are allowed a religious exemption for cannabis cultivation by the Jamaican government. Therefore, smoking cannabis as a sacrament is a protected status and way of life at the resort. If you do not already have a prescription for medical marijuana, you will not need to obtain one to puff the la legally at Coral Cove.


If smoking cannabis is not a guests preferred method of consumption, Coral Cove’s cook, Keisha Clayton -who is a magician in the kitchen- can expertly infuse almost anything edible. She prepares nightly, farm to table dinners with discreetly (adults-only) infused items such as salad dressing, gravy, chocolate sauce and even melted garlic butter for freshly-caught lobster. Edibles are a preferable consumption option for those who don’t want to puff, puff, pass; especially around their kids or for those with a more sophisticated palette.

For people considering entering the cannabis industry, tourism destinations are looking like a good bet. Even in legal states, localities can often ban commercial sales, opening up opportunities for businesses that allow legal sharing among adults. Of course, some work may need to be done to change local laws, like we at the New Revenue Coalition are working to do in Oregon, but the future is certainly bright for cannabis tourism. If you are a member of the cannabis community seek out Jamaica’s Coral Cove Cannabis Retreat, for vacation or market research purposes.

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