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Europe’s Largest Cannabis Producer Strikes Swiss-UK Deal

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The international cannabis community continues to become more integrated as nation after nation establishes federal regulations. Canada, the first G7 country to end prohibition, has given their companies a head start, but others are starting to catch up with positive reforms catching fire across Europe and Israel and Latin America are starting to export as well. The latest major partnership is bringing together CBD giants from Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

We’ll only see more strategic partnerships formed across the cannabis space. In spite of different federal regulations, such as different THC limits allowed in different nations, it only makes sense to consolidate and expand markets as the industry is set to continue rapid growth over coming years. Elite Business covered the Swiss-UK cannabis partnership:

Additionally, many European companies are trading with startups in the UK cannabis market. Now, Switzerland-based Pure, the self-declared largest cannabis and hemp producer in Europe, has struck a deal with Scottish CBD supplier Always Pure Organics (APO) to distribute its CBD products in the UK. This deal is estimated to be worth £5m in value just in the first year alone.

Pure has been responsible for distributing CBD to manufacturers in the health and wellness, pharmaceutical, vaping, cosmetics and sports sectors in 20 out of 28 EU states. And with its new venture into the UK, it plans to expand its trade and disseminate its product throughout Blighty.

Commenting on the new alliance, Gavin Ogilvie, managing director of APO, said: “Pure are a global force in the world of cannabis and hemp. It is very exciting to forge strong partnerships like this in such a young industry – together we aim to become household names in the European cannabis industry.”

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