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European Commission Presidential Candidate Supports Cannabis Legalization

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The nations comprising the European Union have made great strides advancing progressive cannabis policies over recent years, as we’ve seen countries decriminalize personal possession (even allowing limited sales, although in a rather unregulated manner) and legalize medicinal use. However, differing policies, both at the nation and EU level complicates matters for consumers, patients, and industry participants, stifling growth.

While we can expect that countries across Europe will continue to implement more positive cannabis policies, the efforts to legalize more freedom, jobs, and revenue would get a big boost if the leader of the EU forcefully supported legalization. Thankfully, European Green Party member, Ska Keller is running to lead the European Commission, the executive body of the EU. Keller spoke about her desire to end cannabis prohibition with Euronews:

“If it was up to me we would make it legal, so I think it should not be [illegal],” Keller said.

“The obvious question is how do you control potentially harmful substances,” she continued.

“We should have a close control, we should make sure that for example, minors don’t have access to cannabis and, by the way, the same goes for alcohol which is much more harmful,” Keller said.

Keller, now 37, was first elected as a member of the European Parliament at age 27, and is hopefully a sign of things to come in European politics as cannabis prohibition has become an untenable situation for the EU. The best of luck to Keller, who is running against some formidable candidates, but win or lose, she has already helped elevate the cannabis legalization debate in Europe.

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