Europe Set to Be the Biggest Cannabis Market in 5 years

European map

Any observer of the global cannabis industry can see that Europe has been making tremendous progress implementing sensible marijuana policies over the past few years. While challenges remain, particularly with reconciling bureaucratic hurdles with the European Union and other global agencies, nations are joining the worldwide cannabis revolution, whether making news in economic powerhouses like Germany or flying under the radar a bit in Spain, Switzerland, and smaller nations like Luxembourg. The International Cannabis Business Conference will be focusing on this amazing progress and future potential with a European swing over the next few months. With a gross domestic product that rivals the United States, Europe is poised to become the biggest cannabis market within the next five years according to a new economic report, as covered by

More than €500 million has been invested in the cannabis industry to date, and six countries have announced new legislation regarding the growth, sale, or consumption of cannabis. France, the UK, and Spain are reviewing current legislation, while Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands – countries considered industry leaders – are focusing on expanding existing medical programmes. The market is primed and ready for harvest – one that could be worth as much as €123 billion by 2028, say researchers at Prohibition Partners in a report titled ‘The European Cannabis Report’.


Medicinal cannabis 

“With a market of 742 million people and total healthcare spend of €2.3 trillion, Europe will be the largest medical cannabis market in the world,” the report states. The market could be worth as much as €58 billion once proper legislation and infrastructure is in place in all markets. Insurance companies in Israel, Germany, Denmark, and Italy are now covering medical cannabis prescriptions, forecasting that in the near future “fulfilling medical cannabis prescriptions will become a basic requirement of any public healthcare policy.”

Recreational cannabis

“By 2028, we estimate the European recreational cannabis market will be worth €65 billion. New products, distribution, and supply channels have further advanced cannabis consumption and presence throughout Europe over the last 10 years,” the report states.

As Canada has gotten a huge head start in the global cannabis industry, European actors know that they have to catch up, especially with other nations like Israel taking notice, and the United States as a looming giant that could awaken within the next few years. Knowing the need to move quickly, we can expect cannabis advocates and industry participants to help usher in positive advances nation by nation, across the continent. Of course, more hurdles and challenges will arise, but it appears that the future of the Europan cannabis industry is very bright.

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  • Oh sure, wait for the California market to be destroyed by the BCC. If California politicians had let our prop 64 implement. We would have a larger cannabis market than most countries. But here in California the cannabis licenses can take years to get unless your a large corporation with lots of donation money. For clarity our market is and has been huge for decades, as a grey/black market. Our BCC which has refused to comply with the law is now over two years old and they still can’t figure it out. I have sent them a photo of a cannabis plant so that at least know what it looks like. With an 85% underground market which is growing daily and supplies the entire country with prime cannabis, it makes me feel really stupid to have complied and suggest to others that this was the way to go. You win some you lose some. There may be one last way to profit on regulated cannabis. All these new cannabis corporations flouting millions in stock plays will need to start dealing with their stockholders about why their investments are going to nothing. I will start shorting their stocks just prior to this time. I guestimate that will happen in the next year or so. What a con job!

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