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Entrepreneur Magazine Covers ICBC Kauai

Will Espero ICBC

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), since its very first event in September of 2014 in Portland, Oregon, has grown and expanded with the cannabis industry, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and activists together around the globe. ICBC founder Alex Rodgers understood the need to provide a proper venue for marijuana business professionals to learn and network, seeking out locales that were primed for such gatherings. In addition to locations,

Rodgers also understood the important issue of timing. The Portland ICBC took place a month and a half before Oregon voted to legalize cannabis. The latest ICBC, in Kauai, Hawaii, occurred a few months after medical marijuana dispensaries were officially opened for business, just a month ahead of the state moving forward towards implementing rules to recognize the legality of all state-registered patients.

The next ICBC, in San Francisco, will be held February 1-2, just one month after the world’s sixth largest economy has implemented cannabis commerce for all adults. When the ICBC heads back to Berlin in April, we’ll be checking in on the progress Germany has had expanding its medical program. When the ICBC returns to Vancouver, Canada, in June of 2018, attendees will be learning and networking the month before Justin Trudeau’s government is expected to start allowing legalized sales to adults.

As the ICBC has grown, so has the overall cannabis industry. More and more mainstream media outlets are taking notice, such as Entrepreneur Magazine, which covered the International Cannabis Business Conference Kauai event:

Liberal voters and cannabis advocates can be loud and proud in Hawaii. Even conservatives in the Aloha State don’t match the profile of mainland conservatives. Many are pro-gay rights, believe in climate change and even support cannabis legalization.

Perhaps that’s in-part what made the island of Kauai a perfect host to the recent International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) December 1-3, 2017. Hawaii is just one stop of the ICBC conference series that takes place around the world in emerging cannabis markets like Berlin and Vancouver.


When you visit a destination, you learn more about it. Cannabis in Hawaii was no exception. Bringing local cannabis thought leaders, eager Hawaiian entrepreneurs and passionate activists together is precisely how to generate education around and visibility to the plant.

It’s definitely worth your time to check out the entire Entrepreneur article by Andre Bourque on the Kauai ICBC, a truly one-of-a-kind cannabis destination event. Hawaii’s progress is very important as the cannabis community ends prohibition state by state, country by country. Everyone involved with the International Cannabis Business Conference, myself included, looks forward to being there every step of the way.

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